The Gift

She didn’t want him to know it was her. His teeth are rotting, his clothes are worn and tattered, and worst of all, he smells bad. She’d mostly been kind to him, but their friendship was starting to wear on her. She wanted him to feel loved, but didn’t want the burden of always having to be there for him.

When I asked if there was anyone she knew that might need a little extra love right now, she thought of him, and I knew she would. And so, we decided to bake him some cookies, and deliver them in secret.

We packaged them with some chocolate and a small toy in a box and she headed out the door carrying little frosted angels, stars, and Christmas trees underneath her coat.

When she reached their classroom, she dropped it discreetly in his locker. When he discovered it, he was predictably delighted; tearing open the package and pulling out a big frosted angel from the parchment as he sat down at his desk. It looked good. He looked hungry. I was sure he would devour it.

But he didn’t.

He paused, then called over to her and asked her if she’d like one. She smiled, came and sat beside him, then took a cookie for herself.  And, as they sat eating and talking together, she told him.

‘It was me.’



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