The Last 24 Hours With My Kids

The Last 24 Hours With My Kids

The last 24 hours with my kids:

1) Last night, encouraging Avery to pull a very loose tooth, Lucas started a ‘pull it’ chant at the dinner table. Grant (who is not all that verbal) joined in, fists pounding against the table and all.

2) Avery DID pull her tooth last night, and the other is hanging by just one last thread. As a result, she’s talking with an extremely adorable lisp right now.

3) When we parked at a McDonald’s downtown this morning to head to John Stanford, Harper said, ‘look, there’s Old McDonald.’

4) In the parking lot of that McDonald’s there was a homeless man sitting outside. Norah was holding Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (something to occupy her as we were waiting in the enrollment line.) And- I kid you not- she and the homeless man got into a discussion about how much they both love the series!

Oh man, I love this crew.

Is this the most adorable grin or what?

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