I Smell Cars and Other Poetry

‘I Smell Cars’ and Other Poetry

I just had the funniest lunch with Harper.  She had so much to say that she talked with a full mouth through her entire meal.  I did not understand one word. Well, except when she accidentally spit some food in my face while talking and giggled, embarrassed, wiping my face with her hand and saying, “Oops, sorry, Mom” before endless chitter chatter resumed.

We went for a playdate today at the downtown REI.  After parking in the garage there, we started to head into  the elevator up to REI.  “I smell all the cars,” Harper said, as we walked through the exhaust heavy air of the garage.

And, just a few weeks ago, the girls had their winter concert.  As the music director stepped onto the stage to announce Avery’s class’ selection he said, “and now, ‘All I Really Need’ by Raffi.”   It was as if we were at some crazy rock show, where the crowd goes wild upon hearing there’s a guest star coming onto stage.  And now…Ben Harper.  And now…Feist.  And now…Fergie.  And now…Raffi!!!!!

Harper looked over at us with delight and gasped, “YAAAAY,” clapping. “Raffi!!!!”  Then looked around like, “are you people hearing what I’m hearing?  Raffi!!!”

2 is really such a delight.  The world is so new, and the ability to ACTUALLY express WITH WORDS how you feel is such a precious, precious gift that the toddlers among us rarely take for granted.  I love to watch the world from her perspective, I love to hear her say what’s on her mind and in her heart.  A little poet with play-dough covered hands and greasy, peanut butter cheeks- from a day well loved and fully lived.


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